Grievance Policy

Revised: March 2020

The Eden Prairie Figure Skating Board of Directors (EPFSC Board) encourages all parties to make every effort to resolve any conflict occurring between members, coaches, parents, or guardians by informal means. In the event that the conflict is unable to be resolved using informal means, a grievance may be filed with the EPFSC Board. The Board will address the grievance in accordance with the grievance policy outlined below.


Any member, coach, parent, or guardian with an unresolved grievance should submit a EPFSC Grievance Form to an EPFSC Grievance Representative (EPFSC Grievance Officer, EPFSC Board President, or EPFSC SkateSafe Compliance Chair) within 30 days of the event occurring or discovery of the event, whichever is later. For the 2019-2020 skating year only, grievances regarding events from the beginning of the school year to the time this policy is formally adopted will also be considered. The written grievance is considered filed when it is submitted to an EPFSC Grievance Representative by email or in person. An EPFSC Grievance Representative will acknowledge receipt of the written grievance within seven days. The form for filing a written grievance is attached below.


Step 1 – Within 14 days, two or more members of the EPFSC Board or designees will speak with the individual(s) raising the grievance and attempt to resolve the issue prior to the process described in Step 2. If the grievance and/or dispute is able to be resolved to the satisfaction of the individual(s) raising the grievance and the individual(s) raising the grievance has agreed not to proceed to step 2 of the Grievance Resolution Policy, then the EPFSC Board members will report that a grievance was filed and the grievance was resolved to the EPFSC Board at the next scheduled meeting.

*If the grievance is being filed against a member of the EPFSC Board or the individual filing the grievance is not comfortable with a certain member of the EPFSC Board handling the issue, that member will be excluded from handling the grievance throughout the entire process, steps 1-4.

Step 2 – If the written grievance was not resolved in Step 1, an EPFSC Grievance Representative will, within 14 days:

  1. Provide a copy of the written grievance to the individual(s) addressed in the grievance, who will then have up to 14 days to respond.
  2. Upon receipt of the response, or if the 14 days pass without a response received, the EPFSC Board members or designees involved in Step 1 will then have up to 14 days to review and consider all information received and determine validity** of the grievance.

**Validation entails determining if the EPFSC Skater Code of Conduct, EPFSC Parent Code of Conduct, Expectations of Professional Staff, United States Figure Skating (USFS) Member Code of Conduct, USFS SkateSafe Program, Minnesota State Law, or other applicable rules have potentially been violated.

Step 3 – The EPFSC Board members or designees from Step 1 will report to the full EPFSC Board at its next scheduled meeting. The full EPFSC Board will review and discuss the report, then determine a resolution to the grievance. If warranted, disciplinary actions will be taken.

Step 4 – An EPFSC Grievance Representative will communicate the resolution of the conflict by the full EPFSC Board to the parties involved within 3 days of the Board meeting. The decision of the EPFSC Board in this process will be final and binding.


The EPFSC values its members and believes that immediate termination of membership/contract is appropriate only in certain, serious cases of misconduct or multiple confirmed grievances against the same member. It is the EPFSC’s general policy to correct misconduct before it rises to a level requiring discharge. Accordingly, the EPFSC Board has the option of using as a disciplinary process a:

  • Verbal Warning
  • Written Reprimand
  • Suspension of Membership
  • Termination of Membership
  • Suspension of Coaching Privileges
  • Termination of Coaching Contract

Additionally, if it is found that there has been a violation or potential violation of the USFS SkateSafe Program, a report will be made to USFS (in the case of misconduct such as emotional or physical misconduct, bullying, hazing, or harassment) or the U.S. Center for SkateSafe (in the case of sexual misconduct.)


The EPFSC Board will seek to ensure that only non-involved, objective parties are mediating the problem. Additionally, EPFSC Board members with a conflict of interest may be asked not to participate in the final vote. To seek guidance, the EPFSC Board may consult with USFS.

The EPFSC tries to protect the rights of all parties, including non-retaliation to member(s) submitting a grievance and the presumption of innocence of the member(s) receiving the grievance. Please consider all facts before filing a grievance; filing a grievance that is malicious, frivolous, or in bad faith, is grounds for disciplinary actions. The EPFSC will not allow or tolerate attempts from any individual to retaliate, punish or in any way harm any individual(s) who report a concern in good faith. Such retaliatory actions may be grounds for disciplinary action.


If any party to a dispute is not satisfied with the decision of the EPFSC Board, they may file a formal grievance with United States Figure Skating. The EPFSC Board will cooperate with requests for information from United States Figure Skating.