Ice Contracts

Revised: November 10, 2015

The primary service the Eden Prairie Figure Skating Club provides is to buy ice time from the Eden Prairie Community Center (EPCC) and then sell that ice to its members. This section explains the contract periods, types of skate sessions, leveling of skate sessions, how to contract for sessions, how to buy-in on those sessions if not contracted, and exchanging missed sessions.

Number of Ice Contracts Per Year

There are four ice contracts per year. They are determined based on EPCC ice seasons and rates. The contracts are referred to as the following:

  • Fall Contract (typically 12-13 weeks Sept-Nov)
  • Winter Contract (typically 12-13 weeks Dec-Feb)
  • Spring Contract (typically 12-13 weeks Mar-May)
  • Summer Contract (typically 12-13 weeks June-Aug)

Types of Skate Sessions

The types and number of sessions offered to EPFSC members for purchase varies depending upon the needs of the current club members as determined by the Board of Directors. They may include, but are not limited to:

  • Freestyle: Skaters practice jumps, spins, programs and other moves. Coaches typically arrange private lessons with their skaters during a portion of a freestyle session.
  • Spin: Skaters practice and are given small group instruction on their spins. Skaters are grouped according to ability. Typically offered during Summer Contract only.
  • Edge: Skaters practice edge sequences and patterns to develop precision, speed and endurance. Excellent preparation for USFS Moves tests. Typically offered during Summer Contract only.
  • Junior Club: Junior Club members participate in a small group lesson once a week for 30 minutes. We strive for a 6:1 skater-to-coach ratio at these sessions to ensure individualized attention for each skater.

Skate Session Leveling

Many skate sessions are restricted for usage according to USFS skate levels. Skaters are only eligible to skate on leveled sessions according to the last USFS freestyle test passed. Those sessions indicated as “Open” freestyles are open to any level skater, regardless of testing. Leveling may change with each contract. Examples of leveling:

  • PreJuv+ (session available to Pre-Juvenile freestyle level skaters and above)
  • Beginner-Pre (session available to beginner thru Preliminary freestyle level skaters)
  • For adult skaters, the following leveling equivalents will apply for sessions:
  • Adult PreBronze = PrePreAdult Bronze = Pre
  • Adult Silver = PreJuvAdult Gold = Juv/Int

If you have not taken any USFS judged skating test, you may only skate on Open or Beginner freestyles. If you are unsure about your level, please ask an EPFSC coach or parent.

The freestyle test level must be passed by the contract deadline date in order to contract for the ice. If during a contract period a skater passes the next freestyle test, they may then “exchange” for or “buy-in” to a higher level freestyle for the remainder of the contract.

Leveling is for the safety of the skaters and a strict adherence to the contract leveling will be enforced. Ultimately it is the skater’s responsibility to be aware of their own testing level and the levels of the skate sessions. If a skater (whether on their own or through a coach’s instruction) chooses to violate leveling requirements and skates on a freestyle session that is outside their level, the following consequences will apply:

For the first violation, the skater will be issued a verbal warning and fined $30 on their next bill.

For the second violation and each violation beyond, the skater will be contacted by an EPFSC Board member and from this date of notification they must refrain from skating EPFSC ice for a period of one week, without privilege of exchanging or exchanging any ice lost.

Ice Contracts

Instructions and deadlines for contract completion are posted on the EPFSC website. Any balance due on the previous contract must be paid in full before a skater is allowed to buy ice on the next contract session. A skater’s EPFSC & USFS membership must also be up to date to process a contract or to buy-in on a session.

Each skater and their parents should consult with their coach as to the recommended amount of skating time for their level and on which sessions the coach will provide private lessons. Verify that all sessions selected for the contract are the appropriate level for your skater. When contracting for a particular skate session, you sign up for all weeks of the contract.

Contract registration and payment are processed online through the “Registration” link on the club website.  Contract registration and online payment for at least 50% of the upcoming contract ice cost must be submitted by the deadline indicated in the contract communication.  All contracts submitted online are processed based on a first come first served basis.  However, if registration for a session exceeds capacity, the EPFSC seniority list will determine which skaters will be allowed to contract for that session.  All contracts submitted after the due date are processed on a first come first served basis.  Processing a contract on time increases your chances of getting your preferred sessions.  For the EPFSC Board to determine total ice needs for a given contract, prompt return of the contract is necessary.  If the contract is processed later than the due date, a late fee of $25 will be added to the skater’s account.

Any remaining balance on your new contract will be due mid-contract. The mid-contract due date will be posted on the club website.  The mid-contract billing balances are available for viewing and processing online.

It is important to keep your ice contracts paid according to EPFSC policies. Delinquent balances place you in “poor standing” with the club. This precludes you from getting necessary EPFSC Board members’ approval for competitions and testing. It will also affect your seniority status.

First Year members must contract for at least one session per week each contract (Junior Club or freestyle).  Home Club members who have participated in Junior Club only and have not yet started private lessons must contract for Junior Club each contract.  After the first year, once a skater adds a second session to either Junior Club or their one freestyle session, they are required to continue contracting a minimum of 2 sessions per week each contract thereafter.

All other Home Club members must contract for at least two sessions per week each contract (2 freestyle sessions or one freestyle session plus Junior Club/Spins).


Contract Changes

Dropping Sessions

Once a contract has started, a session may be exchanged but NOT dropped for refund or credit. This is because EPFSC has committed to purchase ice based on member contracts.

Adding Sessions

Once a contract has started, a skater may add a session at the contract price, but the session cost for the ENTIRE contract will be charged (no pro rata charging). A skater may also opt to buy-in for the remaining sessions of the contract at our EPFSC member buy-in rate. If a new member starts mid-contract, they will be charged pro rata for the number of sessions remaining in the contract.

Injury Credit

If a skater is injured and cannot skate for a period of time for their contracted sessions, they can provide a doctor’s note indicating the period of time they cannot skate to the Contract/Billing manager. They will be issued a credit on their bill for the missed sessions to be used towards future ice contracts.

Skate Session “Buy-ins”

If a skater does not contract for a particular session and wishes to “buy-in,” the skater may do so, provided that there is room on that session according to the specified limit (typically 22).

EPFSC Home Club Members – The cost for buy-ins is $3.00 more than the contract cost for the session. If a tiered rate schedule is in place, the buy-in rate is based on the number of sessions the skater is contracted for.

EPFSC Associate, Collegiate, and Alumni/Adult members – If the skater is not contracted when he or she buys in, the cost is $6 more than the contract cost for the session.  If a tiered rate schedule is in place, $6.00 is added to the highest rate.  If the skater is contracted for club ice, the cost for buy-ins is $3.00 more than the contract cost for the session.  If a tiered rate schedule is in place, the buy-in rate is based on the number of sessions the skater is contracted for.

Non-members (but still members of USFS) – The buy-in rate is $6.00 more than the Home Club member contract cost for the session.  If a tiered rate schedule is in place, $6.00 is added to the highest rate.

For example, if the contract rates are as follows,

# Sessions Contracted For Home Club Member Rate per Session per Week Associate, Collegiate, Alumni/Adult Member Rate per Session per Week
1-2 $13 $14
3+ $11 $12

then the cost for each time a skater chooses to buy-in is shown in the table below:

Member Type Buy-in Fee
Home Club Member – contracted for 1-2 sessions $13 + $3 = $16
Home Club Member – contracted for 3+ sessions $11 + $3 = $14
Associate/Collegiate/Alumni/Adult Members – contracted for 1-2 sessions $14 + $3 = $17
Associate/Collegiate/Alumni/Adult Members – contracted for 3+ sessions $12 + $3 = $15
Non-Contracted Associate/Collegiate/Alumni/Adult Members and Non-Members $13 + $6 = $19


The contract rates above are for illustration purposes only.  For current contract rates, refer to the latest contract.

The priority for Buy-in spots on any ice session is given as follows:

  • EPFSC Home Club Members
  • EPFSC Associate, Collegiate, Alumni & Adult Members
  • Non-Members (but still members of USFS).

Note that a skater that is a member of another club but is not either a home club member or associate member of the EPFSC may only buy-in three times in a calendar year. At that point they need to join EPFSC as an Associate member.

Junior Club Guest Skaters:  A non-USFS/EPFSC member may try our Junior Club program ONCE for the contract session rate. EPFSC members have priority usage of the ice. A Junior Club Guest Skater may only skate if there is room on the session. The parent or legal guardian must read and sign the permission and liability waiver form for their skater. Copies of this form are included in a section of the monitor book.

Non-USFS Guest Skaters are not allowed on any other EPFSC session.

Within each priority category listed above, skaters are allowed on the session on a first-come-first-serve basis. Once the session has begun, those skaters on the ice cannot be removed for another skater arriving late, regardless of their membership status. If the rink monitor determines there is room for a buy-in skater, they will be recorded on the monitor sheet and “buy-in” will be marked by the skater’s name. EPFSC Members will be billed for their buy-ins on upcoming statements; non-members must write a check payable to EPFSC prior to skating the session and leave it with the rink monitor.

Skate Session “Exchanges”

Exchanging skate sessions for those missed is a convenience provided by EPFSC that is not provided by most figure skating clubs. It was established as a means to recover some of the costs associated with missed ice sessions by trading them for other sessions. The policy IS NOT intended as a means to recover 100% of all ice missed during a contract.

An EPFSC member may trade one session for another session, within a 3-week window:

  • The full Mon-Fri preceding the week of the session missed
  • The Mon-Fri of the week missed, and
  • The full Mon-Fri after the week of the missed session.

If any of the individual 3 weeks involved has 3 or more Monday-Friday dates with no EPFSC ice available, then the skater may exchange into the following or previous full week.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
28 29 30 31 1
4 5 6 7 8
11 12 13 14-Missed Session 15
18 19 20 21 22
25 26 27 28 29


For example: If in the table above, there was no ice for the 20th – 22nd, the skater could exchange the missed session on the 14th for a session during the 25th – 30th week also. If there was no EPFSC ice the week of the 4th, the skater could exchange the missed session on the 14th for a session during the 28th – 1st of the previous month. However, if there was no EPFSC ice for just Monday, the 18th, then the 3-week window described above would still apply.

There are no exchanges for Junior Club sessions missed.

Sessions, of course, must be the appropriate level for the skater and there must be room on the session. Exchanges into sessions by EPFSC members have priority over buy-ins for non-EPFSC members, as listed above.

It is the skater’s responsibility to thoroughly and appropriately record session exchange information. The rink monitor and the Buy-In/Rink Monitor Reporting Coordinator are not responsible for following up on those skaters not properly documented. If all information is not recorded on the monitor sheet, the skater will be billed for the ice time.

Miscellaneous Contract Charges (Credits)

Other charges which may appear on a billing statement include, but are not limited to:

  • Fees for Exhibition Ice, if you register to participate
  • Late contract fee
  • Ice Session Buy-in Fees
  • Rink Monitor Buyout Fee
  • Fundraising Buyout Fee

To access your current records for contracts, exchanges, monitoring, buy-ins and high school lettering visit: