SkateSafe Program

U.S. Figure Skating strives to provide a safe environment for its members that is free of abuse and harassment. The association will not tolerate or condone any form of harassment or abuse of any of its members including athletes, coaches, officials, directors, employees, parents, volunteers or any other persons while they are participating in or preparing for a figure skating activity or event conducted under the auspices of U.S. Figure Skating. All forms of abuse and harassment are unacceptable and in direct conflict with U.S. Figure Skating rules.

The U.S. Figure Skating SkateSafe Program addresses the following types of abuse, harassment and misconduct:

    • Sexual abuse and misconduct
    • Physical abuse and misconduct
    • Emotional abuse and misconduct
    • Bullying, threats and harassment
    • Hazing
    • Willfully tolerating misconduct

EPFSC fully supports the SkateSafe program. Our SkateSafe Compliance chairperson:

    • Serves as the Club’s primary contact with U.S. Figure Skating for all aspects of program education and implementation
    • Oversees the drafting and implementation of Club policies regarding the program
    • Helps verify that all coaches and volunteers in close contact with our skaters are SkateSafe compliant per U.S. Figure Skating’s rules
    • Refers all reports of a violation of SkateSafe Policies directly to the appropriate U.S. Figure Skating committee or U.S. Center for SkateSafe
    • Performs other functions as necessary in the fulfillment of U.S. Figure Skating’s continuing efforts to foster safe, healthy and positive environments for its members

Any suspected misconduct should be reported to our EPSC SkateSafe Compliance Chair or any EPFSC Board member by visiting the Contact Us page.

Parent Volunteers

USFSA and EPFSC strongly recommend that all adult members, as well as parents and guardians of EPFSC members under 18 years of age, take the Parent’s Guide to Misconduct in Sport course, which is free and available from:  :

All EPFSC volunteers who need access to the protected areas of the rink (normally the club room and “backstage” areas) at our USFSA sanctioned events, including test sessions, exhibitions, and the Ice Show, will have to undergo a background check and complete SkateSafe training. To do this, sign into the USFSA members-only website, and sign in. (To sign in, you may use your USFSA membership number. Refer to your membership card or contact the membership chair for your number. Then, click on your name at the upper right corner to access your member profile. Then click on the Compliance tab. You may also sign in as a guest if you do not have a membership. If you are not a USFSA member you can access the background check and SkateSafe training here: Click on “Non-member? Create an account” in the lower right-hand corner.

EPFSC will reimburse you for the cost of the background check. Please contact our Treasurer regarding reimbursement. The online form only takes a few minutes. The background check itself takes up to 14 days, so please submit it well in advance of volunteering at any sanctioned event. Background checks will be required every other year on or before the beginning of the U.S. Figure Skating membership year (July 1).

SkateSafe training takes a few hours, and is good for 1 year. Subsequent annual refresher courses take much less time.

If you have any questions, you may direct them to the SkateSafe Compliance Chair by visiting the Contact Us page.

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