Parent Handbook

We hope this parent handbook (below) will help you be informed and knowledgeable about Eden Prairie Figure Skating Club and the sport of figure skating. Whether you are new to figure skating or an experienced skating participant/parent, we encourage you to read through the book to inform and update yourself on key information and policies of our club. We hope many of your questions are answered in this handbook.

General topics include family involvement; skating program information; professional staff certification and qualification standards; basic competition information; skate care and leasing; figure skating show; advancing in skating; choosing a coach; ice rules and etiquette; competitions; and more!

Information not included in the handbook may often be obtained by talking to a board member or by browsing this website. If you have questions or concerns about your skater or the Eden Prairie Figure Skating Club in general, please stop and ask! We can’t always answer you immediately, but we’ll do our best to find the answer!

Figure skating can help you/your skater develop not just skating skills, but also stamina, poise, confidence, independence, friendships, and much more. We hope figure skating will be a real “life sport” providing many years of enjoyment for you/your skater.


The Eden Prairie Figure Skating Club Board of Directors and Professional Coaches

Eden Prairie Figure Skating Club Parent Handbook.pdf