Ice Show Points System

Updated: 11/13/2018

The purpose of the Eden Prairie Figure Skating Club (EPFSC) point system is to determine skaters eligible for solos and small groups in the spring ice show each year. For a skater to be eligible for a small group or solo, the skater must meet the following minimum criteria by the Ice Show Points deadline:

  • Be a home club member of EPFSC in good standing,
  • Earn a minimum of 6 seniority points (EPFSC member for 1 year or more),
  • Pass the USFSA Juvenile Free Skate test (does not apply to automatic soloists),
  • Contract a minimum of $2000 of EPFSC ice during the past four ice contracts (previous Winter contract through the current Fall contract), and
  • Contract and skate a minimum of 3 sessions per week during the Winter contract preceding the ice show.

Eligible skaters will earn points in the following categories:

  1. Seniority-years in the EPFSC,
  2. USFSA tests passed, and
  3. Competition ordinals.

Solos will be awarded to the seven skaters with the highest total ice show points. Small groups will be assigned at the discretion of the ice show director from the remaining eligible skaters. The Ice Show Point System Policy is reviewed annually, is based on TCFSA policies and is consistent with many other clubs.