Eden Prairie FSC skaters qualifying for USFS Sectionals, Nationals or Junior Nationals may be eligible to receive a stipend from EPFSC to help with expenses.

Skater Eligibility

  1. The skater must be an EPFSC home club member, in “good standing” (i.e., all bills paid to date)
  2. The skater must train with an EPFSC home club professional (EPFSC is the pro’s designated home club)
  3. During the past year, the skater must have contracted for at least the minimum amount of EPFSC ice as required to be eligible for the small groups for the annual ice show. See Ice Show Points Policy.
  4. The skater must place in the top 4 (or 5 in the case of ties) in a qualifying level at the Upper Great Lakes Regional competition and earn a spot on the sectional or national teams.


  1. If a skater meets the above criteria, the EPFSC Board of Driectors will determine (via vote) if a stipend should be awarded and what the amount should be.
  2. The amount of the stipend will depend on the current financials status of the club and the number of skaters qualifying for stipends, as well as other factors.
  3. Stipend checks should be paid to the skater after the trip to sectionals or nationals.