Equipment Policy

Equipment purchased by the Club is intended to be a benefit and resource to Club skaters and professional staff. The purposes of this Policy are to ensure (1) that Club skaters and professionals have fair and equal opportunity to use Club equipment in their training/coaching regimens, and (2) the security and safety of Club equipment.

Eligibility to Use Club Equipment

Skaters and professional coaches must be members in good standing with the Eden Prairie Figure Skating Club to be eligible to use any Club equipment (for example, jump harness).

Guest professionals must be approved by the Club Board of Directors to use any Club equipment. In addition, their students must be Club members/associate members to use Club equipment.

Expectations and Requirements

  1. Any equipment purchased or acquired by the Club is the property of the Club.
  2. Club equipment is available for Club coaches and Board-approved coaches to use on home club skaters and associate club skaters in good standing with the Club.
  3. Professionals must have proof of insurance to use Club equipment.
  4. No professional may use Club equipment continuously for the freestyle/Club ice session, unless such equipment harness is idle and/or no other professional has expressed a need desire to use the equipment.
  5. The last professional to use the Club equipment on a session is responsible for properly and securely putting such equipment away, such as locking it in the coaches’ room.
  6. All Club equipment must be used in accordance with any manufacturer or other instructions applicable to the equipment. For example, the jump harness is not to be used for loads in excess of 200 pounds.
  7. Professionals must wear skates while using the jump harness.
  8. Failure of either a professional or a skater to adhere to this Policy will result in being prohibited from further use of Club equipment.