On and Off Ice Rules

The following are on and off ice rules which EPFSC skaters and professionals are recommended to follow. These rules are important to maintaining a safe, friendly and productive atmosphere on and off the ice. These rules will be reviewed annually with skaters by the EPFSC professional coaching staff, but review them with your skater also.

EPFSC Club Ice Rules

  • DO spins on the “clock” end of the rink.
  • DO jumps on either end of the rink unless you are practicing “stand-still” jumps which should be done on the clock end.
  • DO watch out for skaters in vests who are skating their program. They have the right of way.
  • Skate FAST-as fast as the fastest skaters at all times!
  • DO keep skating at all times. DO NOT slow down and DO NOT stand in the middle of the ice.
  • DO NOT talk unnecessarily to friends while on the ice. It’s distracting to both skaters and pros.
  • DO NOT leave the ice unless absolutely necessary such as for bathroom breaks or if you get hurt.
  • DO treat all skaters, pros and parents with respect. Bad language and inappropriate behavior (hitting, pushing, obstructing right of way, etc) will NOT be tolerated. Physical infractions will immediately result in consequence #2 below.
  • DO get up quickly if you fall on the ice. Laying on the ice is dangerous to you as well as other skaters.
  • DO NOT skate in groups. Do NOT work together in groups.

Skaters must wait until the start of the freestyle time to get on the ice. Stretching may be done on the boards OUTSIDE the rink only. It is dangerous for skaters to be stretching on the ice while other skaters are skating. Also the Community Center requests that resurfaced ice has a few minutes to “sit” after the zamboni is finished. Skating on ice immediately following resurface is not great for the ice surface. Again, skate only once the clock shows the contract session is starting. A rule of thumb is that if the zamboni rink doors are open (before or after the resurface) – no skaters should be on the ice.

No sitting in hockey boxes or on the boards (this includes parents and spectators – even during Junior Club).

A good faith effort should be made at all times to comply with these guidelines. Blatant or consistent disregard may result in a formal grievance filed with the EPFSC Board (see Bylaws) or enforcement of the consequences cited below.

Group Classes on or off the ice

Behavioral expectations for group lessons (on or off the ice) are consistent with those rules set for above. In addition, disruptive behavior for a group lesson (disrespecting an instructor, side conversations, not following instruction, etc) will NOT be tolerated. See consequences below.

Discipline and Consequences:

Pros and rink monitors will have the authority to discipline skaters who break the above ice rules.

Each skater will receive one verbal warning. (Serious offenses will go directly to #2.)

For the second offense, the skater will be asked to leave the ice for the remainder of the session.

If a skater is asked to leave the ice 3 times, or commits a serious offense, the skater, skater’s parents, the pro and an EPFSC Board Executive Committee Member (President, Vice-President, Secretary or Treasurer) will meet in a conference to determine how to handle the situation.

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