Ice Show Gift Presenter

A skater will be considered for the honor of being a gift presenter for the annual ice show, provided they meet the following criteria:

  1. The skater cannot be in a small group or be a soloist in the current ice show.
  2. The skater must be a current ice show participant.
  3. The skater has NOT been a gift presenter in previous ice shows (this is new beginning with the 2007 Ice Show) – i.e., a skater can only be gift presenter for one ice show year.

Based on the 3 above criteria, the gift presenters are then determined by seniority, depending upon the number of skating professionals working on the ice show. For example, if there are six skating professionals working on the ice show (who will receive gifts), the first six skaters on the seniority list meeting the three criteria are given this honor.

Assigning gift skaters is a way to reward/acknowledge/recognize those skaters who have been committed to the club but who have not yet earned a spotlight in the ice show.

Gift skaters are not assigned to any one coach. They are randomly lined up each performance.