Ice Show Points System

Updated: 11/11/2014

The purpose of the EPFSC point system is to determine skaters eligible for a solo or small group in the spring ice show each year; to be considered, a skater must meet the following four basic requirements:

  • Maintain home club membership in EPFSC (by Fall contract of the preceding year)
  • Contract for a MINIMUM of $2,000 worth of club ice, in total, for the four (4) ice contracts ending with the Fall contract preceding the show
  • Contract for a minimum of three (3) sessions/week for the EPFSC Winter contract in the year of the show
  • Maintain good standing with the club (all fees are paid)
Points are awarded for the following categories:
  • Seniority-years in the EPFSC
  • USFSA tests passed
  • Competition ordinals

The Ice Show Point System Policy is reviewed annually, is based on TCFSA policies and is consistent with many other clubs.