High School Lettering Program

Revised: September 30, 2013

This program allows skaters who are students of our participating high schools and who are Home Club Members of the EPFSC earn a Varsity Letter in figure skating by meeting certain criteria during the skating season.

This is a wonderful opportunity for our club. If you are a student in one of these current member school districts and you are interested in participating in this lettering program, please contact edenprairiefsc@gmail.com:

  • ISD 719 – Prior Lake-Savage High School
  • ISD 112 – Chanhassen
  • ISD 112 – Chaska High School
  • ISD 272 – Eden Prairie High School
  • ISD 276 – Minnetonka High School
  • Benilde St. Margaret’s High School
  • Holy Family Catholic High School
  • Southwest Christian High School

If you are interested in getting this program started in YOUR school district or school, please also contact edenprairiefsc@gmail.com for more information.


  • To offer high school athletic status to figure skaters.
  • To extend sanctioned high school skating beyond hockey.
  • To give figure skaters the same courtesy and empathy in academic considerations (excused absences and extended deadlines) which traditional high school athletes receive from faculty when events require them to leave school early, be tardy or absent.
  • To recognize the accomplishments and time commitment of figure skaters with a varsity letter award to those who meet the requirements. Official high school athletic recognition is important to college applicants. The time demands of figure skating often preclude student participation in much of the regular high school varsity sports programs.

All Skaters participating in this program must be currently enrolled students of one of the participating schools. Home-schooled students residing in these districts are also eligible.

  • The Skater must be a current Home Club Member of the EPFSC and the U.S. Figure Skating – both memberships must be in good standing.
  • Skater must submit a Student Activities Registration Form, along with the appropriate fee (as determined by High School), to the Lettering Coordinator
  • Skater must abide by the High School and Minnesota State High School League activity requirements and have a current Sports Qualifying Physical Form on file at their High School.
  • Each Skater must pay the activity fee as specified by the school district.
  • Each Skater must attend any applicable meeting as deemed appropriate by the school.
  • Each Skater must adhere to all school district rules, policies and requirements concerning student activities including, but not limited to, attendance, conduct, scholastic standing and other eligibility requirements as required of all school district athletes.PLEASE NOTE:  If the skater fails to adhere to any of the school district requirements, the skater forfeits the right to letter for that season.


Please contact the lettering coordinator for your school for specific requirements.

  1. Skater must have a minimum of 150 hours on EPFSC club ice during the skating year.
  2. Skater must train under the supervision of an approved EPFSC professional coach. (Coach must authorize criminal background check and abide by high school discrimination, harassment and violence policy.)
  3. Must attain the US Figure Skating level determined by high school attending. If the required test level is not passed during the year, a Participation Certificate may be awarded.
  4. Skater must participate in the EPFSC Annual Spring Ice Show.
  5. Skater must participate in at least 2 additional “public” events per 12 month season. These events could be:
    • Competitions – each entered event qualifies, i.e., short program and long program at one competition qualifies for the two event requirement
    • EPFSC Exhibitions or Competition Exhibitions
    • Skate of Champions, other designated TCFSA or USFS Exhibition
  6. Must attempt at least one US Figure Skating official test or ISI official skate test during the 12 month season (June – May), with the exception of any skater who has passes their Senior Moves test and is not ready for level (coach approval needed) or has already passed all testing levels.
  7. Skater must submit all necessary documentation (testing forms, ordinal sheets, etc) to the Lettering Coordinator. The Lettering Coordinator will verify the number of skated hours.
  8. Must adhere to all school district rules, policies, and requirements concerning student activities
    including attendance, conduct, scholastic standing, and other eligibility requirements.  .

The program is periodically approved and reviewed for renewal by the various school districts.  This program honors the commitment and skill of student athlete skaters and enables student skaters to earn recognition in the form of a varsity letter.

To access your current records for contracts, exchanges, monitoring, buy-ins and high school lettering visit: www.edenprairiefsc.org/monitor.